What would you do if you were given superpowers?

Oliver Jordan's day was like any other: Dealing with customers and coworkers at Job #1, getting delayed on the way to Job #2 by another senseless superhero battle, and delivering that last pizza of the night to Old Man Pembleton.

Except this time Mr. Pembleton's tip is far from normal. This time Oliver is given a ring that would grant him powers beyond his wildest dreams. Oliver only needs to figure out how to make the thing work.

Not an easy task when you are busy dealing with apathetic teenagers and alien abduction.

The Mighty is an online serial set in and around Garrison City, home to such heroes (or Mighties) as the Shadow Fox, Power Surge, Lady V, Spitfire, and the legendary Captain Might.

Can Oliver Jordan find the time to work two jobs, provide for his family, attend school functions, spend quality time with the wife and kids, and save the world?

Only time will tell.

Based on characters created by Harold C. Jennett III and Steeven R. Orr